Our Community

Our Community

Allen & Sheppard Real Estate have enjoyed a long and continuous association within our community for over 40 years. Being a family owned by the Sheppard family,  we have a lot invested in the area so we enjoy giving back to the community. We have sponsored and continue to support many schools with their fundraising initiatives including Normanhurst West Public School, Normanhurst Public School, Larool Preschool, Prouille Catholic School and Thornleigh West Public School.  We are proud to be one of the  major sponsors to the Thornleigh Thunder Soccer Club and the Pennant Hills Pumas Cricket Club.

We are privileged to belong to this community and to help others do the same.

We do have a strong connection with Larool Preschool and its community. As a community run preschool that is not for profit, we have sponsored and supported this amazing preschool. As part of our connection we offer all current and past Larool families a special offer when listing and selling their home or leasing their property through Allen & Sheppard.  We also donate a further $500 to the preschool.  



Thornleigh West Public School

Normanhurst Public School

Normanhurst West Public School

St. Agathas Catholic School, Pennant Hills

Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic School, Waitar

Prouille Catholic School, Wahroonga

Loreto Normanhurst

Mount St. Benedicts College, Pennant Hills

Barker College

St. Leos Catholic College, Wahroonga

Arden Anglican College, Beecroft

Normanhurst Boys High School

Pennant Hills High School 


Larool Preschool

Pennant Hills War Memorial Preschool

Chilverleigh Early Learning Centre larool_021.JPG
Pennant Hills Preschool and Day Care Centre

Normanhurst Long Day Care Centre

Thornleigh Preschool

Normanhurst West Community Preschool

Fox Valley Preschool KU

St Stephens Community Preschool, Normanhurst


Thornleigh Thunder Soccer Club  - proudly sponsored by Allen and Sheppard

Thornleigh Netball Club

Normanhurst Netball Club                                             Phil_Logo_Thunder-small.png

Normanhurst Eagles Football Club

Thornleigh Baseball Club

Pennant Hills Cricket Club

Pennant hills netball club

Beecroft Rugby Club

Pennant Hills Bowling Club

Westleigh Warriors Running Club

Aquabliss Swim School Thornleigh


Sydney Adventist Hospital

Hornsby Hospital



Shorelink buses

City of Sydney – waste and recycling

Hornsby aquatic and leisure centre