Our Services

Thorough checks of all our potential tenants
All our applicants complete a detailed application form together with documentation to prove their earning capacity and tenancy history. All references are thoroughly checked before you are consulted on the suitability of the application.

Completion of all lease documentation
All necessary documentation is completed by our office including a signed tenancy agreement and a comprehensive ingoing property condition report. In addition to this, a bond is collected and lodged prior to the tenancy. These documents are all compulsory to ensure that you are protected and that the tenants are aware of their obligations.

Regular detailed inspection reports throughout the tenancy
You will be provided with detailed reports on the condition of your property. Any maintenance will be noted for your approval and any issues with the tenants will be dealt with.

Continual monitoring of rental payments
Rent is receipted daily and arrears are checked several times each week. Reminder telephone calls and follow up letters are sent to tenants on a regular basis. Every effort will be made to keep rent arrears to a minimum and we will act promptly if the tenant fails to comply.

Regular rent reviews
You will be notified when we believe it is time to increase the rent, this may be during tenancy or at change of tenancy.

Monthly account statements & payment of invoices
Once a month you will be issued with a statement of all income & expenditure as well as copies of any invoices we have paid on your behalf. These include rates, levies and maintenance accounts. The balance of rent monies owing for that month will be electronically transferred to your nominated account.

Organisation of any repairs and maintenance
It is standard procedure for our office to inform you of any work required at your property. We will then act on these repairs using our team of qualified tradesmen that we have found to be reliable, cost effective and properly insured. You are free to nominate your own tradespersons, as well as nominate what input you have in dealing with repairs.

Constant correspondence and updates on new tenancy laws
Tenancy Laws are constantly changing and evolving. The last few years has seen the introduction of new laws governing smoke alarms and the collection of water usage. The introduction of the new Residential Tenancy Act 2010 has seen some sweeping changes to the laws governing tenancy. Our agents attend regular training to keep up to date with any new legislation and we will in turn keep you informed of any changes.

We would be happy to organise a meeting to give you an indication of rental return. Please contact our office if our services could be of value to you.

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